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Charanpreet Lehal, BComm., CGA – Founder & CEO

Charanpreet Lehal, CPA, CGA, BComm., is the founder & CEO of the accounting firm, CP  Lehal & Company, CPA.  Her extensive experience in the field of accounting has allowed her to create a public practice that provides excellent service and meets the needs of companies in all major sectors.  Being passionate about accounting and how it can truly allow a company to be successful, Charanpreet set out to create CP Lehal & Company, CPA in 2006.  Since then, the company has helped business clients of all sizes flourish and truly manage their numbers effectively.  She believes that business isn’t just about “what you earn, it’s about what you keep.”  Charanpreet also has many years of experience and expertise in the private sector transportation industry.  Her company believes in building a strong business relationship with all clients, so that each client receives services that are catered to their needs.  To contact Charanpreet directly, call at 604-501-1600 or email her at info@cplehal.com.

Jarnail Lehal – Accounts Coordinator

Jarnail Lehal is the accounts coordinator at CP Lehal & Company, CPA where he manages the daily operation of the company.  Jarnail is also passionate about the business field. Jarnail has an expertise in building strong relationships with clients and understanding their individual needs.  To contact Jarnail directly, call at 604-501-1600 or email him at info@cplehal.com.

Our Firm

CP Lehal & Company, CPA is a firm dedicated to providing quality, professional accounting service to its clients. Our firm provides its clients with all types of accounting and assurance services, such as auditing, taxation, business consulting, payroll, T4, bookkeeping, GST, WCB, e-filing, and individual tax return services. We also offer advice on taxes and minimizing your tax liability. Located in the heart of Surrey, British Columbia, CP Lehal & Company, CPA has been providing reliable service to its clients in all major businesses.  Furthermore, we work with self-employed clients as well.  Whether you are just starting your business, expanding or looking to sell, CP Lehal & Company, CPA can deliver valuable advice on making the right move. Being a Certified General Accounting firm, we are able to deliver service in a professional and knowledgeable manner. To contact CP Lehal & Company, CPA, and receive more information, you can call us at 604-501-1600, or email us at info@cplehal.com

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